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News Feature: Elder Care

05.03.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Family Life's Traci Lynn speaks with Jennifer Howell of Watsontown Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Issues in Education: Pa Teacher Strikes

05.03.16 | Bob Price

This week, Dr. Ralph Kerr at the Teaching and Learning Institute talks about how teacher strikes are interfering with the educational process in Pennsylvania

News Feature: Spring Safely Tips

04.29.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

There have already been a number of fatal encounters between pedestrians/bicyclists, and automobiles across New York and Pennsylvania. Traci Lynn spoke with Joe Morrissey of New York's DMV.

Faith Under Fire: Dealing With Grief

04.28.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Some of the harshest words may not come from enemies, but from Christians themselves. Pastor Rob DeMatteis lost his 3-year-old granddaughter to cancer, and sat down with our own Sarah Harnisch to explain the best way to speak to someone in pain.

Inside Out: Fear Better

04.27.16 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Worrying about the danger in the world can blind us to God’s plans for us. Amy Simpson talks about her blog post, “If We Can’t ‘Fear Not,’ Let’s Fear Better.”

Latest Video: Bangladeshi Blogger Turns to U.S. For Help

Facing death threats and worried over a growing number of extremist attacks in Bangladesh, one activist is seeking the U.S.' help. Ashif Entaz Rabi hopes the U.S. will "open a small door" to him and others so they can escape the wave of violence. (May 3)

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