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Capital Connection Pa's Leadership Crisis / NY's Counselor Coersion law

02.12.16 | Bob Price

The Pennsylvania Family Institute's Michael Geer and Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms discuss the weighty issues in the news from Harrisburg and Albany

News Feature- The Race for President

02.11.16 | Bob Price

Caanisius College political scientist Dr. Kevin Hardwick talks about campaign 2016 and what we can expect in the coming months as the race for president heats up !

Real Answers Maintaining your Christian witness in a politically-charged election year

02.10.16 | Bob Price

Today, licensed mental health professional Chris Anderson talks about the need to maintain your Christian witness in the midst of a politically-charged election year.

News Feature- A conversation with your Congressman / NY's 23rd district Republican Tom Reed

02.09.16 | Bob Price

Congressman Tom Reed talks about the issues that matter most in his district and across the country in 2016

Issues in Education 2-8-16

02.08.16 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr at the Teaching and Learning Institute talks about a growing problem in classrooms ...the lack of substitute teachers.

Latest Video: House Passes North Korea Sanctions Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill tightening sanctions on North Korea Friday aimed at punishing the regime for pushing ahead with its nuclear program. (Feb. 12)

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