We're Back!

08.05.10 | Comments[1]

What a great time we had at Kingdom Bound 2010!

Doing the show live from Darien Lake Theme Park was a blast!

Thank you to everyone who came by the FLN Tent to say hello.

We received so much encouragement.. and we hope we spread some around too.

Don't forget to check out the pics & interviews here on the website:


Seems like we packed a lot into just 4 days.

But wait... there's more...

Be sure to join us on Monday morning between 8am-9am.

That's when we'll be giving away our Kingdom Bound Vacation Package for 2011.

A ton of people signed up to win at the tent.. were you one of them?

If so.... stay tuned...


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on 03.23.11 Diane commented

please give the phone number for the contest for the Kingdom Bound 2011 slower. I work nights 7 p.m. till 7 a.m. I try to stay awake for the morning contest...caller # ??? but the number is given so fast I never get the whole thing. Probably cause I'm 3/4 sleeping, my fault totally.
I listen to FLN all night at work and wait for the morning news and song Good, Good God! I love it, keeps me awake on the drive home. Really would love to be able to call in for the contest tickets some morning.
Thanks and God bless.
I've searched this site and haven't yet found a phone number for the contest call in