Up For Making Some New "Friends"?

08.13.10 | Comments[13]

I admit it.

I like to read the Puritans.

These guys wrote some pretty neat stuff back in the 1600's.

At first I was intimidated by their books.

Many are thick tomes.

So.. I started with the shorter versions, updated in modern language.

Banner of Truth publishes The Pocket Puritans series and that's a good place to begin.

Here's a link: http://www.banneroftruth.org/pages/home.php

I think the Puritans get a bad wrap.

They actually had a high view of God and the Bible along with a very real ability to apply God's truth to real life.

In short, they were totally sold out to God and very practical when applying Scripture.

It's spiritual meat that sticks to your bones.

Some of my favorite authors:

Thomas Brooks

Thomas Watson

Jeremiah Burroughs

John Flavel

Here's a sample from John Flavel's classic "The Fountain of Life.":

"There is nothing finished that we do. All our duties are imperfect duties; they come off lamely and defectively from our hands. O there is much sin and vanity in the best of our duties.

But Jesus Christ has finished all His work, though we can finish none of ours. And so, even though we are defective, poor, imperfect creatures in ourselves, yet we are complete in Christ. His complete obedience being imputed to us, makes us complete, and without fault before God.”

Good stuff!

I hope you'll make some new Puritan friends soon.

Hebrews 11:4 (NKJV) 
",,,,, and he being dead still speaks."


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