Two More Shows!

04.22.10 |

Good Morning from Sonny and Denny. Two more shows before Denny and I get to sleep in and Kurt and Jean take over the Morning Show.

Today, it's Earth Day! What does that mean? Mr. Know-it-all fills us in. Plus the Barbershop quartet has a song. Speaking of songs, "The Times, they are a-changin'" makes it's Family Life Debut this morning!

Listen Here:

Liz Weaver checks in from Pittsburgh and the National Bible-Quizing Championship!

Oh, and that Secret Sound(s) will win you four tickets to KingdomBound! Other than that, we've got nothin'! Lol!

Dose of Encouragement...

John 3:21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what He has done has been done through God! With integrity there's no fear, because there's nothing to hide. And when God finally brings all our thoughts and actions into the light, we will not be ashamed.


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