The Summer Reading Challenge

07.23.10 | Comments[2]

Do you listen to Lamplighter Theatre on The Family Life Network?

Talk about great stories!!!

The productions are based on classic books that are jammed packed with biblical values.

I'm trying to get my 10 year old to read more this summer.

Sometimes that can be a challenge... and speaking of challenges...

 Lamplighter has a very neat summer reading program where kids get rewards for reading some of these awesome books.

It's called The Summer Reading Challenge.

Click on the link.. and... happy reading!


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on 07.24.10 Christine Osgood commented

I can't seem to find that Good Morning song. I don't see it on the play list and have Googled it with no luck. Can you help me locate it?

on 07.26.10 Kurt commented

Hi Christine! It's "Good Morning" by Phil Joel.
You should be able to find it online.
It really stays in your head doesn't it?