The Check Up Club

06.29.10 |

Have you ever driven back to make sure you closed the garage door?

Or locked the front door?

Or turned the coffee pot off?

Guilty as charged.

A multiple offender.

Sometimes in the same day.


But I feel better after this morning's show!

Jean is a card carrying member of the Check Up Club.

Many of you guys who called in too.

Really... I'm not losing my mind?

Sigh... of relief!

The point was brought up that we have too much going on in our minds.

Focusing has become a lost art.

What are talking about anyway?!

Annoying when it comes to the garage door or the coffee pot.

Tragic when it comes to our relationship with God.

Did I spend time in His presence today?

If yes...

Can I remember what He said to me through His Word?

What I said to him?

Right now the garage door may be open.

The front door unlocked.

The coffee pot still on.

No matter. 

Time to do more than check up.

I need to check in.

With Him.


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