Testimony Tuesday-Your Church

03.02.10 | Comments[2]

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Good morning from Sonny & Denny and welcome to Testimony Tuesday!

Today, Your Church! What is your Church doing in your community, or other's communities? Feeding the hungry? Clothing or housing the needy? Please let us know this morning at 1-888-413-4156

Dose of Encouragement...

(Jeremiah 31:25)  I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint."

We can always find a place of rest in the arms of Jesus.  His mercy is new every day, and His love can heal and strengthen the weariest of hearts.


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on 03.02.10 Todd McClain commented

Not to blow our own horn, just a little encouragement and idea sharing for the smallest of churches. St. Pauls Lutheran of Corry, PA, has about 65 families, not real big, but what we have done is taken the kids of Bethesda Childrens home of Meadville under our wings. At Christmas time we get the ages and gender of all kids in the home,(50 to 60 kids) and our families pick cards with that information and buy them gifts, I think we set a $30 limit, and at Easter our sunday school kids pick a day go to Walmart, and grab three or four carts full of candy, baskets and straw. Then on the next sunday all the sunday school classes, start a chain and fill the baskets which also go to the kids at Bethesda. This is also done through donations not the general fund of the church. Those kids come from broken homes and live here for a while, most have never felt love let alone the love of Christ. Most have never celebrated anything let alone Christmas or Easter, and wouldn't unless we did what we do. This is God's work not ours, just hope to give other churches a little spark.

on 03.02.10 Carol commented

Our small church, Tioga Center (NY)United Methodist, invites families in our community to be our guests at the chicken barbecues we have twice a year. The families are clients of the food pantry (at the Lounsberry UMC) that we support - with food, money and workers. Another way we support these families is by gathering winter clothing items to give away at the food pantry's Thanksgiving and Christmas box distributions.