Testimony Tuesday-Answered Prayer

02.02.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[4]

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Good Morning from Sonny & Denny and welcome to another Testimony Tuesday! Today, we'd like to hear about "Answered Prayers"! What has happened in your life that you know that it had to be God? Did you have a conversation with our Lord and Savior, and He answered? Call 888-413-4156 or you can leave a note below.

Thank you for all of your calls. While we could not air all of them, please listen to just a few from this morning.

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Dose of Encouragement...

(Job 40:6)  Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm:

Every storm in our lives has a purpose… and God is always there, to shelter us, to comfort us, and to weave each difficulty into His perfect plan.


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on 02.02.10 Tad Davis commented

one of my many prayers is that God bring more Warrior Men in my life to guide me and teach me what it means to be a Warrior for God. He's done that. I have a core group of men that give me strength and encouragement every day. They have taught me not to be a weak man, not to draw the sword half way and go home but to stand fierce against Evil.
To my friends Josh, Travis, Wanck, Ricci, PD... your friendship means the world to me and I thank God every day that I get to be a part of your lives.

on 02.02.10 Janette Church commented

A year ago at this time, my husband and I had my 95 yr. old mother living with us, with little help from family members, 4 yrs with no break. We had become so weary. My mother had always been an active member of our community/ but was unable to now. Our relationship between us had become so distant and resentment had set in. I hated that and I knew something had to change. I asked God to please help us and direct us in the right path that all of us would be happier. He led me to a wonderful assisted living facility that was nearby. Mom loves it and the stimulation/activities is just what she needed. You would think this would have been a happy ending, but the other family members made it very difficult for us to feel right about it. So many harsh comments were said ,such as turning our back on her, we were kicking Mom out,etc.Everyone quit speaking to us and quit having anything to do with us. We were crushed.It devastated us. Then when we were at our lowest, God sent us a sign, while we were doing yardwork in our backyard during all of this, a white, I mean a pure white dove perched itself on the peak of our roof looking down on us and he stayed with us for one whole week hovering over our place. Now if that wasn't a sign from God, then I don't know what is. A sign of peace, that everything is going to be alright. We haven't seen a dove since and yes, we have peace within the family now.

on 10.23.13 Nancy O'Brien commented

Could you send me the eamil you read ourloud that was prayer request for American, a sick friend, you read last week, to pray for our country, I would like to circulate it.

on 04.17.15 lilly commented

Pray for me and my family we are going through lots of trials.