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 That describes the show this morning.

All it took was a mention of The Three Stooges and calls jammed the phone lines.

Is it a guy thing?

Do guys love them and women hate them?


Ed was listening this morning and emailed us this neat story:

My Mom grew up in Binghamton along with 11 brothers and 8 sisters. Several of the brothers loved to fish the Susquehanna River. One day while fishing, a large limo stopped along the drive that past through Binghamton and the 3 Stooges jumped out.

For the next half hour or so they fished and did their routines with the boys. The Binghamton Press, as it was called in those days, was on hand to capture the event in words and pictures that were published the next day.

 I saw the photos as a young boy and thought they were were so cool. Apparently the Stooges were in town for an event. I, also, have always appreciated their comedy, despite comments from some like my wife's late aunt, who referred to them as the "3 Stupids". 


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on 07.26.10 Rachelle Renee commented

Kurt, LET IT GO!!!!!

on 07.26.10 Rachelle Renee commented

Kurt, LET IT GO!!!!!