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Recently I attended a ladies' conference where one of the speakers was on fire for small groups.  I've wanted to host one for awhile, but just hadn't gotten to it.  This was just the encouragement I needed.  Maybe I've encouraged YOU to start a small group.  Here are some tips that might help!

Back-to-School time is a great time to start. 
It's the time of year when everyone is "resetting" their lives.  Once everyone has their sports and activities schedules, it will become clear what day and time works best.

Be open to who God would have you have in your group.  Sometimes God blesses us in the most unusual ways.  Keep and open mind when putting together your small group.  You might post on Facebook, or put up a flyer at church to get participants.

Don't over do the "fancy."  The group is really about learning more about God.  Don't worry yourself with how your house looks or how Pinterest-worthy your snacks are.  Just provide a comfortable place where people can share their hearts.

Make sure to leave lots of time for prayer.  The best part of small groups is sharing hearts with one another.  When we rush to get through the material and out the door, we miss out on being able to take on each others' burdens and see how God works through them.

The speaker who inspired me is Michelle Lazurek.  She has written a blog with great advice on an effective small group.  Read it here

I'd love to hear your small group tips and ideas.  Please share in the Comments below! 


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on 08.25.15 michelle lazurek commented

This is awesome. Small groups are so needed in churches right now. People are starved for connection more now than ever. Thanks Terese and family Life! Keep up the good work.

on 03.08.16 J L Morris commented

I've been leading small groups for about 3 decades.

Here's the pattern that has worked best for me:
1.) Meet three (3) nights (or times) each month for Bible discussion, fellowship and prayer.
2.) Take off one (1) night each month.
3.) When the month has five(5) weeks, meet for a recreational activity.

My groups always begin with food & fellowship (usually 30 minutes). If someone is running a little late, they miss out on some of the food & fellowship time but they don't disrupt the bible discussion or prayer time.

Observe a schedule but keep it flexible. We have 30 minutes for food & fellowship; 60-75 minutes for Bible discussion; and 30 minutes for prayer.

We usually start at 7:00 and finish around 9:00 and allow anyone that wants to hang around for for more food & fellowship to do so. However, when 10:00 comes it is time to greet everyone 'good night'.

We rotate where we meet each week. During a 5 minute "house keeping time" before beginning Bible discussion, we find out who wants to host the next meeting; who will bring the snacks; and who will be the prayer leader. The Bible discussion leader usually remains the same person until the book we are studying is completed.

As the "leader", I always do the house keeping and I always send an email 1 or 2 days before the next meeting reminding everyone who the host is; who is leading the bible discussion and where (Chapter & Verse) it will start; also, who the prayer leader will be.

Any questions? JLMorris (at) Gmail.com


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