Snipes Are For Real?

06.02.10 |

You're not a real man unless you've been on a Snipe Hunt.

It's a requirement to get your Man Card.

This morning we shared some fun Snipe Tales.

I still think they have big fangs and red eyes.

My time searching for one in the woods during Boy Scout Camp was filled with drama.

No coincidence that drama rhymes with trauma.

Three hours in the dead of night with a flashlight and a bag.

"By the way.. who's going to hold the flashlight while I get the beast into the bag?"

 No one ever answered that question.

 Now I know why.

 A Snipe will freeze once it's detected.

You just scoop him up, put him in the bag, and take him home.

Don't believe me guys?

Take your own trip into the woods tonight.

I wouldn't be surprised if a Snipe himself presented you with your Man Card.


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