Praise Day

04.06.10 | Comments[2]

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Good Morning from Sonny & Denny and welcome to Praise Day! Today, the day before our Spring Sharathon, we open the lines to you. Please tell us how our Lord and Savior has Blessed you @ 888-413-4156, or leave a note below.

Dose of Encouragement...

John 11:25... Jesus told her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die like everyone else, will live again!"


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on 04.06.10 Cathy Williams from Almond NY commented

On March 20, 2010, my husband Dave (age 47) had a heart attack. 18 months ago, when we had routine blood work done, his cholestral and sugar was great. He had 4 blockages in the right coronary artery, 3 of them were 90% blocked, and the other was 100%. They were able to put in 3 stints on the right side to cover the 4 blockages. On the left coronary artery, there are still 2 blockages, 75% & 90% blockages, and we're praying that medicine will help. They guarantee that he will have another heart attack, we're just asking for God to be merciful and let us have him for a long time. The praise that comes with this is GOD was fully in control. The doctor's had told me that if my husband had not woke me up because he wasn't feeling good, I would have found him in the morning, and, if the doctor, (Dr. Reno at St.James hospital in Hornell) had not called Mercy Flight to take him to Rochester General, he would have never made the transport by ambulance.

This is our praise story. Thank you for everything that you do!!

on 04.06.10 Lori commented

Two and a half years ago we were blessed with the most precious and beautiful granddaughter in the world. I made a vow that I would do everything I faliled to do with our sons to teach her about Jesus. She stays at our house every Saturday night and we take her to church with us every Sunday. Part of our bedtime ritual is rocking and singing. One night recently as we rocked I thought she was all but asleep. I found out differently when I began to sing Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and that little voice started singing with me. Just the first line, but how touching to hear those words coming from a little girl just 2 1/2 years old! As the tears rolled down my cheeks...and still do...I thanked Jesus. I still can't tell this story without choking up so I'm happy for the opportunity to tell you this way.