Political Duet

11.06.18 | Steve Smith |

There’s a small town in Vermont that looks pretty familiar this time of year.  And I’m not talking about the fall foliage.  It’s a lot of campaign signs showing support for either Lucy Rogers or Zac Mayo.  They’re facing off for a Vermont House seat.  Lucy is a Democrat focused on health care, small school and small businesses.  Zac is a Republican concerned with the high cost of living in the state.  In some ways a typical small-town race.  But in other ways, anything but typical.  Typical in that there was a candidate forum at the local library recently.  Not so typical in that at the end of the evening, Rogers and Mayo asked if they could have a few extra minutes.  They moved the tables out of the way and nobody, not even the moderator of the forum, knew what was coming next.  Zac plays the guitar.  Lucy plays cello.  Both sing a little bit.  So they performed a duet.  A display of civility in an election year and it really touched the members of the community.  Some even put political signs for both candidates in their yards.  Zac says “We’ve got to figure out a deeper meaning and stop defining ourselves just as Democrats and Republicans.  There has to be a deeper meaning of what it means to be an American.”  Amen to that.  So on this Election Day, remember Lucy and Zac when you exercise your right to vote in a civil manner.

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