Nick's Picks: Banana French Toast Panini

09.19.12 | Nick Finlayson | Comments[3]

One Loaf Crusty Italian bread

 Large Eggs

1 Tsp Cinnamon
Pinch Nutmeg
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
4-5 Bananas
Maple Syrup
Slice the bread thick with a serrated knife. Crack the eggs and whisk until blended. Combine the egg mixture with the cinnamon, nutmeg, cream and vanilla.
Heat a large skillet and melt butter to cover the bottom of the pan. Dip the bread into the egg mixture, coating entirely. Place bread slices in skillet and brown.
Peel and slice the bananas and slice lengthwise. Dip in maple syrup
Flip the toast over and place dipped bananas on top. Place second slice of browned french toast on top and press.
Make sure that the sandwich has all of the eggs fully cooked. Serve and enjoy!
Serves 4-6


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on 09.19.12 Anonymous commented

Ohhhh that looks so yummy it makes me want to break my diet!Is there nutritional information for this dish? God Bless You FLN

on 09.19.12 Faith commented

How many eggs?

on 09.21.12 Nick F. commented

You will need 8 Eggs for the recipe! Don't know how I missed that.
Anonymous- There is Fat, Calories and Carbs in this dish!