Morning Show Songs

06.22.09 | Comments[15]

Just a couple of the
oldies but goodies!

The Trucker Song / Click play button to hear!

Farmer's Mambo / Click play button to hear!


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on 07.27.09 Samantha Smith commented

My son's LOVE the Farmer's Mambo! I listen to this station every time I'm in my van and one morning on my way to drop my son's off to the babysitter (they are 2 1/2 & 1 1/2 now), the Farmer's Mambo came on and they were laughing and dancing in their carseats. It was great!!! Thanks guys. Oh & LOVE the new song!!!!

on 10.04.10 Robert Herrmann commented

I thank god every day for you being on the radio

on 12.18.11 Nelle commented

How could I get the farmers mambo on my ipod?

on 07.11.13 Anna Baumann commented

Would love this on ipod too - would be a great song for me to use when teaching English as a 2nd language to kids :)

on 10.17.13 Holly Forrest commented

How can I get the farmers mambo on my phone? also how can I get lyrics to it.

on 02.07.14 Faith Roeske commented

Any way to get a copy of this song?

on 10.31.14 Dan Fuhrken commented

I would love to get the morning song by John & Denny i didn't say your town name right! Help I want to share it on FB! Thank you & God Bless!

on 10.31.14 Dan Fuhrken commented

You can get the farmers Mumbai on line just put in fln morning song and the song, that is 1 you can get and download!

on 12.19.14 michelle commented

I would love to get a copy of both those songs i love them... please email

on 02.06.15 Gail Mersch commented

Is there a way I can get the lyrics to Farmer's Mambo?

on 03.05.15 John and Denny commented

We Didn't Say Your Town Right

on 08.21.15 Peter Wright commented

Could I get a copy? I love Farmer's Mambo! Please email them to

on 10.24.16 Jessica Grout commented

Is there still any way to get downloads or cd's of the morning songs? There were so many I grew up listening to on the bus ride to school and I remember my friend having a cd of many of them. Thanks!!

email is

on 11.30.16 Rebekah commented

Can I get your guises autograph

on 10.28.17 Eva Brown commented

Where can I get the morning show cd that containes “the boat song”