Monday Morning Mind Bender

10.16.17 | Steve Smith | Comments[5]

40% of American adults admit they still sleep with a _______________.




ans)  Teddy Bear


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on 10.14.16 Joel nentwig commented

I think that mind bender is a little flat. Not unless its a relief map. Hope you get it. Have a great day in the Lord.

on 10.14.16 Joel nentwig commented

My comment was addressed to the previous comment.

on 11.16.16 Sherry B. commented

Commenting on your gum chewing discussion. In the 70's there was a gum that squirted in your mouth. I tried it once, haven't had a piece of gum since!

on 03.01.17 Juanita commented

Sherry B - Freshen-up gum! I used to love that stuff. :D

on 03.20.17 Jackson C. commented

Good morning!