In the studio part 3

07.22.09 | Comments[7]

Denny's Lu Lu's.  Wow.

Sonny gets behind the mic to do his "thang".

Sonny and Denny in the studio recording "Land Up Over".


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on 07.22.09 Helen & John Yeaney commented

We can't wait to see how this actually turns out. Good Luck!

on 07.24.09 Helen & John Yeaney commented

Just heard your "salute to Canada"---------I must say it really did come together. "CUTESY"----but well done.

on 07.24.09 Debra Lefort commented

Heard this on the way to work--this is so funny! Hope I can get a download of this! My family would love to hear it. We are real big on taking songs and changing the lyrics for our own entertainment.

on 07.27.09 Rukee commented

Loved it... awesome Guys..I want hear it again. that was just a teaser!

on 07.28.09 Linda commented

HAHAHA, FUN! Can we hear it online?

on 07.30.09 Judy commented

Do, do, do, do do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do!

on 07.30.09 Judy commented

OH, sorry... ought to say "lu, lu...." Anyway... it's a happy tune!!