Here we go...

05.11.10 | Comments[1]



I'm up for this.


In fact, I've been up since 4am.


The first blog entry for Family Life Mornings with Kurt & Jean.


I've always loved blogging. But since moving to Family Life this past October, things have been pretty crazy.


Do you know about crazy?!


So I haven't gotten around to it until now.


Our hope is that this will be yet another way to connect with our friends.


Jesus on the throne.






A large dose of randomness.


Hopefully an extension of The Morning Show.


Check back from time to time.


We'll leave the light on for ya.*


*Cliche Alert!


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on 05.13.10 Tami Dickerson commented

Hey guys -- ya'll keep saying the Obama is the first sitting president in Upstate NY in 10 years, but ya'll are forgetting that George W. Bush came to Canandaigua in 2006!

It wouldn't be so bad, but your news blurb keeps repeating the erroneous info and it's driving me nuts, LOL!