Helping Haiti

01.14.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[4]

Good morning. We continue to hear from people from the Family Life listening area who are in Haiti. Please continue to Pray for the missionaries, the rescue teams and the people of Haiti. To help:

And continued Prayers, for:

I just found out that a Free Methodist missionary is missing, they found her husband after 6 hours under rubble. He has many broken bones. Her name is Jeanne Munos. His name is Jack.  

Please pray for the Smoker family. They have spent 25 years as missionaries to Haiti- they are now in the states but their son Rodney his wife Lilian and their grandson Jerimiah just went back to teach for a few months at the bible school that they started.

Caller asked us to pray for this:  There is a team from 1st Trinity Lutheran in Tonawanda & St. Paul’s Lutheran in Batavia in Haiti.  They went to minister in 2 orphanages.  They’ve gotten word back to their churches that they are all OK but ask for prayers that they can be of great help in the name of Jesus during this catastrophe for the Haitians.


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on 01.14.10 Rev. Jeremy J. Lundmark commented

Just wanted to thank you guys for this post. I had a deacon in my church e-mail me asking me how his friend could help the people of Haiti. I had no idea!!!

I was so glad to hear you guys had posted this. Thanks so much, it's a great help!!!

on 01.14.10 Tracy commented

Hi - wanted to let you know that anyone is invited to attend a prayer service Friday night at 6:30 pm at First Trinity Lutheran Church, 1570 Niagara Falls Blvd, in Tonawanda. Our mission team is currently in Haiti (not in Port A Prince) and are safe.

on 01.15.10 Gail L Stowe commented

Thanks for the information on where to help -
newspaper reported this morning that 5 million dollars has been pledged to the American Red Cross
thru text messaging. Also - check out your church missions- this will give you another venue for donations. The people in Haiti are kept close to our hearts and always in our prayers.

on 01.17.10 Sonya commented

I'm in touch with some missionaries who are in Dominican Republic...they also do missionary work in Haiti and have a couple of believers there. They have been trying to contact them ever since the quake, but have been unable to do so. I thought I heard a quick announcement on FLN that mentioned a website that is posting/has posted names of known survivors from the city, but I didn't catch the name/web address of the site (was on my way out of the room when I heard it). If anyone knows anything about this, could you please post it...I will keep looking around to see if I can find anything...Thanks and God bless!!!



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