Heart Behind the Hymn

12.20.11 | Rachelle Renee | Comments[21]

The hymnal that sits in its place, whether in the back of the pew or under the seat in front of you at church, is filled with untold stories.  We hear the music and sing the words, but the heart behind each hymn brings the song to life.  When we understand where the author (and at times authors) were in life--it dawns on us that these guys and gals were real people,.  They glowed in times of success and mourned in times of pain, but more importantly they chose to rejoice no matter the circumstance.  There paths register with the ones we take today; and in knowing where they've been, we discover solace and grace in the words that have been God anointed and inspired.  Enjoy the "Heart Behind the Hymn." 


Click on one of the hymns below, listen and enjoy!

A Mighty Fortress

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Grace That is Greater

He Touched Me

Holy Holy Holy

Jesus Loves Me

Take My Life

This is My Father's World

'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Victory in Jesus


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on 12.09.10 Debbie Kunkel commented

I just love the morning show! I have many struggles but I'm still greatly Blessed!!! I love heart behind the hymn. Where can I find the info you read about the hymns. Sometimes I miss them and would like to read them if you can e-mail me

on 12.09.10 Debbie Kunkel commented

Please e-mail me where I can find the info for heart behind the hymn debkunkel@gmail.com
Thank you keep up the good work God Bless!

on 12.16.10 Pastor Timothy Bash commented

While listening to heart behind the hymn "O Holy Night" I was deeply touched and moved to tears to understand the history that goes along with such spiritually rich hymn. I want to use it in are Christmas candlelight service, can I get a recording or download of it? Keep doing GOD'S work GOD'S way.
Your brother-in-grace

on 12.26.10 Dan Reside commented

I would like to hear your comments on "It Is Well With My Soul" by Horatio G. Spafford. Please let me know how I can hear this. Proud of you, Rachelle and Sammy.
Keep Listening. Across the land, Dan

on 01.13.11 Rachelle Renee commented

Thank you so much for all of your comments!! I will get some info posted here so that you can return to get a repeat of those "Heart Behind the Hymns" that you've already enjoyed!! God Bless you :o)

on 01.13.11 Anita Scata commented

I absolutely love your show. I listen to it every morning on my way to work and all the way home. I am a teacher so it is a great addition to prayer before helping little ones.

I am interested in knowing if there is anyway to get a cd copy of your Heart Behind the Hymn so that I could share it with my church congregation. I have been listening to each one that you have done and was especially moved by the Christmas ones even though all are wonderful. I don't know how many of my church family members listen to your show but know that this would be of peek interest for all. Let me know. Thank you so much for being w/me everyday. You are a blessing and a comfort!!!

God Bless!

on 03.08.11 Diane York commented

Rachelle, As I was listening to "Hallelujah" and remembering the story behind the song and then listening to "Heart behind the Hymn" I couldn't help but think that if the Lord tarries long enough that someday that will be a "Heart Behind the Hymn" song/story. Love this segment. God Bless you all

on 04.14.11 Tiffany commented

I wanted to especially thank you this morning's highlight of "There Is a Fountain" and William Cowper. I have friends whose son struggled with and ultimately died because of bipolar. Their struggle was worsened by well-meaning Christians who repeatedly asserted his salvation must not be real or they must not be praying the right way. We haven't really come that far since Cowper's time- we still assume mental illness precludes salvation. I was so glad to hear you say it's no different from something like diabetes. There IS a biological basis to diseases like bipolar and schizophrenia and especially WITHIN the church people need love and grace instead of judgment. Thank you so much for helping make it ok for sincere Christians to admit they struggle with mental illness. And thanks for sharing Cowper's story- I think it brings hope to those who suffer as well as there family. How comforting, when so many doubt even your (loved one's) salvation to hear that as he died Cowper realized Jesus indeed accepted and forgave him. There IS a fountain, and it's available for all to ALL.

on 04.26.11 Poppy commented

I need to ask this question, How can anyone who is a follower of Christ, listen to any other station in NY? All of the programs, events, concerts along with every facet of this ministry that God has provided. I just love the morning show, ( Denny too). Would like to see Chip back on at 12:30 because I am back to work when he comes on now. I do listen to the radio on line at work from 4:30-5:00 pm at work after everyone has left for the day. What an up lift and refreshment you are. Praise God for all of you @ fln.

on 09.26.11 Lezlie Hope Morse commented

I would first like to say that, along with many, I am so blessed by this radio ministry. I listen to it all day long, and it is an instrument in keeping my faith strong.

I am writing today to suggest a hymn for "Heart Behind the Hymn." One of my favorites has always been "Pass It On." I don't know anything about the history of this hymn, except I used to sing it in church growning up, and it always spoke to me. I would appreciate anything you could find out about it, if it fits into your show.

Thank you for what a blessing you are to so many on a daily basis. God bless you all!

on 10.04.11 Anita Scata commented

I have e-mailed before to let you know what a blessing Family Life is to have in my life. I listen every morning and afternoon before and after work for my preparation and release. I giggle, cry and enjoy all at the same time. I have shared with many friends and hope they feel the blessing as well!

I would like to know if there is anyway of getting the names of the songs and the artists who you feature on the "Heart Behind the Hymn". Your choice of artist is wonderful and would love to be able to share with my congregation. I know this is asking way too much but if I could get a song list and artist name with each song from November 2010-present, I will take the info and locate it on-line. I know this is alot but the powerfulness of this portion of your show is beyond words. Music is a huge part of my life and incorporating it with the word of the Lord is most incredible! I so do appreciate as I know my congregation would be moved to hear the stories behind these wonderful hymns we sing on Sunday mornings and don't realize the undescribable testimony they possess!

Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and God Bless to you ALL!!!!!!!!!

on 01.09.12 leon jasak commented

I've had a delay in my regular work schedule and was able to listen to more of your program this morning. I went through an unwanted divorce eleven years ago and since then my life has been a whirlwind of struggle. Your program this morning has been right on in speaking to me in a one on one type of way. Its amazing. I'm encouraged in how God rescues us and directs us in His perfect way. May God continue to bless all involved in the efforts at Family Life.

on 02.02.12 Jean Beckley commented

I enjoy the stories behind the hymns on Thursdays, but am sometimes disappointed in the version that is played. This morning as you told of George Beverly Shea's "I'd Rather Have Jesus", I was truly disapointed NOT to hear HIS voice singing it - so beautifully. I appreciated that it was orchestra background rather than contemporary guitars and such, but Bev's rendition would have truly been a blessing.

on 02.02.12 Jean Beckley commented

I appreciate the stories behind the hymns on Thursday. I especially enjoyed the story of "I'd Rather Have Jesus" this morning. However I was disappointed in the version of the song that you played. I was SO looking forward to hearing Bev sing it, such a beautiful rendition. I was thankful that the background music was orchestra instead of contemporary guitars and such. I do not like several of the old songs "redone" in contemporary style. By the way, in the introduction of your blog, "There paths" should be "Their paths" - just a suggestion.

on 02.04.12 Jean Beckley commented

Thank you for featuring George Beverly Shea on Friday's Morning Show, and playing the old 78 rpm original, I believe, recording of him singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus". It was very special; he is truly an icon of Christian music. THANK YOU!!

on 02.04.12 Jean Beckley commented

Thank you for featuring George Beverly Shea on Friday's Morning Show, and playing the old 78 rpm original, I believe, recording of him singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus". It was very special; he is truly an icon of Christian music. THANK YOU!!

on 08.23.12 Lori Carter commented

I wish that you would have the Heart behind the hymn somewhere on here to listen later in the day. I sometimes hear them on my way to work but can't write down the song that you feature at the end. I'd like to listen again later.

on 12.20.12 nancy lattimer commented

my husband is the pastor of a small church in canton pa. once a month during the service a man that is a history buff tells us a 'heart behind the hymn'. we love it and this might be something other churches would also like to do... we love FLN and all their 'branches' of service...

on 02.05.13 Donna Lougher commented

Rachelle, I love the 'Heart Behind the Hymn' part of your show. I love music and have served (35 yrs) as pianist/organist, vocalist and currently worship leader of my church. Hymns are the foundation of spiritual growth and a true inspiration. I like to share stories behind some of the hymns sunday mornings, hoping they will touch others. Where do you get your information for the hymns you present. I would like to share some of them with my church family also?


on 03.09.13 Pamela Nowak commented

Hi Rachelle! I also love this segment but agree with the others that it would be nice to know which artist is featured on a particular "Heart Behind the Hymn" program. I am specifically looking for the 03/07/13 broadcast featuring "His Eye Is On The Sparrow", I believe. Wonderful recording that sounded like it might have been Larnelle Harris.(?) Thanks! Pam

on 01.26.14 Wayne Stockledger commented

Rachelle, Could you please tell me the name of the hymn that you played on 1/23/2014 on Heart behind the Hymn? Thank you, Shalom, Wayne