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Monday Morning Mind Bender

04.23.18 | Steve Smith | Comments[6]

It's your weekly brain wake-up, and a chance to win a Family Life T-shirt.

Monday Morning Mind Bender

04.18.16 | Steve Smith |

France has 12 of these, more than any other country.   ans)  Time zones

Time Off Time Well Spent

04.01.16 | Family Life Mornings |

With school off this week, here are some ideas for quality time with your kids.

2 Things You Spend On

11.04.15 | Family Life Mornings |

An APP called Venmo tracks what you spend your money on. They found Millenials spend big on two things: phones & pizza. So we asked Family Life Listeners: What are the two things YOU spend money on?

20 Things in 20 Minutes

06.02.15 | Family Life Mornings |

Take just 20 minutes and rid your house of these 20 things.Your life will be more clutter-free! Grab a garbage bin and donation bag and start tossing,recycling or donating these items: The closet1. Plastic hangers that have lost their shape.2...

Mosquito Trap

05.15.15 | Family Life Mornings | Comments[5]

If mosquitoes are already starting to bug you this season, here's an easy trap you can make, with what you already have on hand! Start with a plastic 2-liter bottle that is rinsed and dried.  Cut it in half. In the bottom of the bottle, mix...

Stages of Frost

10.20.14 | Terese Main |

It's getting to be that time of the year. You'll start to see your breath.  There will be a nip in the air.  And you'll start having to deal with the frost on your windshield. To help you plan, we've put together this Frost Severity...

Breakfast With Champions

08.27.10 | Comments[1]

We had a chance to spend some quality time this morning with Jim & Sherri Raab from Attica, New York. They were the winners (depending on how you look at it!) of "Breakfast With The Morning Show" during our Spring Sharathon. What...

Morning Show Playhouse!

07.30.10 |

And now.... just in case you missed our totally live... totally unrehearsed.. totally ridiculous Morning Show Playhouse this week.... here it is. Laugh at us or with us.... we don't care! Just remember... Proverbs 17:22 (NKJV) " A merry...

A Boy And His Dog

06.08.10 |

Can you believe Beethoven is America's favorite movie dog? This morning we told you about the shocking results of a new survey out today. Beethoven beat out Old Yeller. Lassie didn't even make the list. Rin Tin Tin either. Okay. We don't...

Snipes Are For Real?

06.02.10 |

You're not a real man unless you've been on a Snipe Hunt. It's a requirement to get your Man Card. This morning we shared some fun Snipe Tales. I still think they have big fangs and red eyes. My time searching for one in the woods during Boy...

Back From The Set

05.20.10 |

So awesome to be back in the studio this morning! The past two days in Georgia on the set of the movie "Courageous"... man... tons of fun! The good folks at Sherwood Baptist Church took really good care of us. They're the ones producing the...

Welcome to October

10.01.09 | Sonny Delfyette |

Good morning from Sonny & Denny! Today we heard from John Katina from the Katinas singing group. The Katinas are from American Samoa, an Island that has been hit by a huge tsunami and needs relief. You can help at...

Kingdom Bound Monday

08.02.09 | Sonny Delfyette |

Good morning from Sonny & Denny and greetings from Kingdom Bound! This morning will talk with Sherrie Holloway (SALSA Speaker), Relevant Worship and Robin Mark. Annnndddd, this afternoon we'll talk with Francesca Battistelli, Matthew West...

Monday July 27th

07.27.09 | Sonny Delfyette |

Good morning from Sonny & Denny! We hope you had a blessed weekend. Today we play, again, our latest creation... "The Land Up Over". Please make sure to watch the making of the song, also on the website. Todays Daily Dose of...