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07.22.10 | Comments[2]

Crazy!  That describes the show this morning. All it took was a mention of The Three Stooges and calls jammed the phone lines. Is it a guy thing? Do guys love them and women hate them? Why? Ed was listening this morning and emailed ...

Animal Stories?

05.26.10 | Comments[0]

Everyone has an animal story! Thanks to those who shared this morning about their close encounters with flying squirrels. How fun! We had no idea this would be a subject of interest to so many folks. I'm thinking we might want to have you ...

Car Years, People Years

01.05.09 | Comments[1]

Thinking about bailing the auto industry yourself?  Need a new car?  Really?  Remember how people have fun trying to figure out how old their dog was in human years? But now there's a new fad. Figuring out how old your car is, in ...