Car Years, People Years

01.05.09 | Comments[1]

Thinking about bailing the auto industry yourself?  Need a new car?  Really?  Remember how people have fun trying to figure out how old their dog was in human years? But now there's a new fad. Figuring out how old your car is, in "people-years". We had fun calculating our listeners "car age". Here's the formula:

  • Take the mileage on the car's odometer and divide by the model year.
  • The result is your car's age if it were a person.
  • Example: a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier with 131,824 miles on it.
  • Do the math: 131824/1994 = 66.1.
  • That car would be a 66 year old person

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on 01.07.09 David Weimer commented

My car is on its death bed it is a 1998 subaru that is a 116 years old. It already had an engine transplant, along with hood, doors, and fender replacment. The poor thing has been used to deliver mail all its life. If I wasn't a mechanic (Doctor) on the side, it would have been DEAD a long time ago.