Back From The Set

05.20.10 |

So awesome to be back in the studio this morning! The past two days in Georgia on the set of the movie "Courageous"... man... tons of fun!

The good folks at Sherwood Baptist Church took really good care of us. They're the ones producing the film. Their last movie was "Fireproof". It was the top independent movie of 2008.. and what an impact for Christ! Thousands upon thousands of marriages were impacted by the biblical message.

This time around the subject is fatherhood and the need for courageous, godly Christian men to step up and lead their families. The clips we saw after the first couple of weeks of filming are really impressive. And the prayer that has gone into this production is amazing. I hope you had a chance to listen to some of our live interviews with the cast and crew over the past couple of days.

Just knowing God is on the move in this project is so encouraging!

Please be in prayer for all involved in the production.

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