Anticipating the Blues

01.16.12 | Rachelle Renee | Comments[0]

Besides being Rachelle Renee's dad, Tim Reside has successfully coped with the chronic mental health challenge of Bipolar Disorder since 1979. Tim is an ordained minister who has spent over forty years in church-related pastoral work and ministry. He has completed 108 credit hours of study in Practical Theology, inclusive of 36 hours at the doctoral level and holds an M.A. in the field. Tim is the President of Bright Tomorrows ( which is an organization dedicated to reflecting the compassion of Jesus Christ by promoting mental health and assisting those struggling with mental illness toward a healing-recovery lifestyle.

Hear what advice he offered during a chat with Family Life Mornings:  click here.

Source Attribution:Tim Reside assumes full responsibility for content of this presentation of  “Anticipation Blues.” Some thoughts have been adapted from a presentation entitled “Keep Holiday Cheer All Year” posted by Wake Forest University 

*Disclaimer: Those who deal with chronic unipolar or bipolar depression mental and emotionalhealth challenges should find help in these tips but not view them as a substitute for receiving ongoing medical attention.


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