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12.16.09 | Comments[9]

Hey Gang

Well thought I’d update y’all on how the knee is doing.  Surgery was Tuesday;  the next day and a half was pretty rough – any sleep was pretty much drug induced.  Things improved a lot the following day, and I was released from the Canandaigua hospital on Friday evening.  Saturday morn I was fitted for a machine like I’d had in the hospital, which does nothing but bend and straighten my leg.  I determine how much it bends.  At zero degrees, my leg is straight.  Day after surgery I could only bend it 30 degrees.  By time I left hospital, I was up to 75.  I’m using it right now and it’s set at 98 degrees.  I need to hit 100 later today, and the overall goal is 120 degrees.  I can tell the last 20 degrees will be the toughest, but I’m very motivated.  I’m using it 8 hours a day, per doctor.  In between, I do physical therapy – 3 times a week and three times a day on my own (with Sandy’s help – some exercises I’m still not able to do by myself.) I can walk, put weight on the knee, etc, but I’m just not very steady and use a walker at all times –.  That’s pretty much my days for the next several weeks.  I’m being a good boy and working my tail off (take that, Mr. Darwin!) and look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Thank you so much for the many prayers that I have indeed felt.  It was so neat that Jeff and Darren made it up to the hospital just before they wheeled me into O.R.  One of the surgical assistants is a listener and figured out who I was, so he joined us for prayer as I headed for the knife.  You have no idea how special it is to have those prayers literally walk into surgery with ya.  When we said Amen – I was like, “There – now we’re ready -  let’s git ‘er done!”  No fear.  That’s the power of prayer – and I can tell those prayers are still giving me strength and encouragement – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much love to all,




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on 12.17.09 LuAnn commented

Hi Denny, We're still praying for you! Glad to hear you're doing so well! With much love, FLCS!

on 12.17.09 Diane commented

My father, who is 80 years, had knee replacement about three years ago and he is doing great. I remember that machine that you are talking about. He hated it. Hope you have a restful and blessed Christmas. We are praying for you and Sandy.

on 12.16.09 Boblo Cruise commented

Hey Boppin' Bo,

I was going to ask how you are doing...but I see from your post, I am happy your procdure turned out well.

I was settling some misinformation the other day about Seymore Swine and The Squealers and had to look you up. Wow there is alot of hits about your tune...wow.

Wisconsin is great, cold and snowy but great. Say hello to Sandy, I will pass on some news to Eric and Laurie.

Merry Christmas...Bob

on 12.16.09 The Lewis family commented

Praying for your quick recovery. Sounds like you're doing everything the doctor ordered! We miss you in the morning, but Sonny and Sarah are keeping us blessed and entertained! Have a wonderful Christmas!

on 12.17.09 Sheldon & Kay McDonald commented

Glad to hear that you are progressing and are remaining positive. Keeping you in prayer and we will be glad when you can get back on the air. We MISS ya'll.

on 12.18.09 Ann DeHaven commented

Hi Denny, I'm just a Morning Show listener who wants to say "Hi" and that you are missed. Husband and I are praying for your speedy recovery. And for Sandy who has no doubt put on a new Hat - Caregiver! And we're praying for Sonny and Sarah as they keep the good times rolling from 6 to 9am. Some years ago I won that silly game about giving all the wrong answers and got tickets to the Gaither Concert in Binghamton. We sat in the Artists Circle, and I managed to get a picture of Sandy and Julia. But I will always regret missing the chance to pose with you and John. Thank you for sharing your progress with us, I was very touched by it. God bless you and Sandy with a Wonderful Christmas!

on 12.30.09 John & Helen Yeaney commented

Denny, we are happy to hear that you are managing so well. We continue to pray the Lord will ease your pain and discomfort through your rehabilitation, and that you have a rapid and complete recovery. We miss you and look forward to your return to the morning show. God Bless

on 01.02.10 Debby Baker commented

Hi Denny! Just wanted to add my prayers that you will soon have full use of your knee! May God bless you and Sandy with an awesome "2010"! Take care! Can't wait until our mornings are a little more Sonnyier and Dennyier! :)

on 03.02.13 Juanita commented

Me and my grand daulter is comming today