A Boy And His Dog

06.08.10 |

Can you believe Beethoven is America's favorite movie dog?

This morning we told you about the shocking results of a new survey out today.

Beethoven beat out Old Yeller.

Lassie didn't even make the list.

Rin Tin Tin either.


We don't remember much about Rin Tin Tin ourselves.

We just like the name.

This morning Jean mentioned he caught the movie "Old Yeller" on TV the other night.

He says he didn't cry.

I still don't believe him.

The "boy" in a boy and his dog may become a man, but he never outgrows the "dog" part.


Gotta go.

I'm thinking my two long-haired dachshunds need a hug about now.

I'm man enough to admit it.


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