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Another cold one!

01.16.09 |

Its still cold!Today you called in to tell us how cold you are again!  Thats fine!  We will bear it with you.  Also some sobering news about losing a job, but how the Lord is greater.  Listen to your calls below.Caller 1Caller...

2009 Here it comes!

01.09.09 | Comments[1]

What you like to see in 2009, this new year?  We would like to know.  This morning we have had people go from the salvation of a loved one to abortion being abolished to reconnecting with old friends. Leave your comments, let us know!

Your Parenting Tips

01.08.09 |

Today we talked about parenting tips and asked our listers to call in and give their "two cents." So comment here to tell us your family secrets on child rearing. You can also listen to call-ins from today's show.Call 1Call 2Call 3Call 4Call 5

Paul Celuch : College Assistance Plus

01.08.09 |

Paul Celuch and his free seminar "College Assistance Plus", (which will be hosted here at the Family Life Center on saturday January the 17th) will be joining Sonny & Denny in the studio today about college expenses.  He will share how...

Car Years, People Years

01.05.09 | Comments[1]

Thinking about bailing the auto industry yourself?  Need a new car?  Really?  Remember how people have fun trying to figure out how old their dog was in human years? But now there's a new fad. Figuring out how old your car is, in...