Nick's Picks: Sheet Pan Parmesan Crusted Chicken

02.24.21 | Nick Finlayson |

One Pan, One Happy Family!

Nick's Picks: Low Carb Steak and Sweet Potatoes

02.17.21 | Nick Finlayson |

No shortage of flavor or color here!

Nick's Picks: One Pan Lemon Garlic Pork Chops

02.10.21 | Nick Finlayson |

Less time for cleaning, more time for eating!

Audrey's Desserts First: Salted Dark Chocolate Tart

02.03.21 | Audrey Smith |

Salted Dark Chocolate Tart PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES COOK TIME: 10 MINUTES TOTAL TIME: 25 MINUTES YIELD: 8 -12 SERVINGS CRUST INGREDIENTS: 2 cups almond flour1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder1/4 cup melted coconut oil3 tablespoons maple syrup1/2...

Nick's Picks: Veggie Enchilada Casserole

01.27.21 | Nick Finlayson |

A little spice to heat things up!

Nick's Picks: Orange Glazed Salmon

01.20.21 | Nick Finlayson |

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor!

Nick's Picks- White Chicken Chili

01.13.21 | Nick Finlayson |

Was going to try out a purple chicken. You're welcome!

Audrey's Desserts First: Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

01.06.21 | Audrey Smith |

Perfect with a glass of milk, or a cup of cocoa! These sweet treat are topped with minty goodness.

2020 Year End Countdown

12.31.20 | Terese Main |

2020 was one for the record books! In the midst of all the chaos, there was a lot of hope and peace in the songs played on Family Life. Here are the Top 30 songs of the year.

Cookie of the Day

12.07.20 | Family Life Mornings |

Tis the Season...for Christmas cookies. Here are some of our favorite recipes, submitted by our listeners!

Audrey's Desserts First: The PieCaken

12.02.20 | Audrey Smith |

PieCaken   Have you ever heard of the Thanksgiving meat course called Turducken? For those of you who have not, let me help you out. It is a boned chicken, inside a boned duck, which is inside a boned turkey. Sounds, er, interesting...

Nick's Picks: Turkey Tetrazzini

11.25.20 | Nick Finlayson |

Almost as fun to eat as it is to pronounce!

Nick's Picks: Turkey Pot Pie Soup

11.18.20 | Nick Finlayson |

A true taste of Thanksgiving, without the hours slaving over a hot stove!

Seussical Situations

11.12.20 | Family Life Mornings |

There once was a girl who lived not far awayAnd she looked out her window on a fine sunny day. But all was not sunny, at least not in her mindFor the people around her were mean and unkind. Now this wasn’t news, people are often mean.But...

Nick's Picks: Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

11.11.20 | Nick Finlayson |

No shepherds were harmed in the making of this dish...

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