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Nick's Picks: Blueberry Apple Walnut Salad

07.16.19 | Nick Finlayson |

A multitude of flavors and textures combine to make this simple salad quite complex

Audrey's Desserts First: Mixed Berry Scones

07.03.19 | Audrey Smith |

Mixed Berry Scones I found this recipe in COOK’S COUNTRY BEST-EVER RECIPIES Ingredients: For scones: 1 ¾ cups frozen mixed berries (about 9 ounces) 3 Tablespoons powdered sugar 3 cups all-purpose flour 12 Tablespoons unsalted butter...

Nick's Picks: Slider Bombs

06.26.19 | Nick Finlayson |

Busting with flavor, these burgers will surely be a hit!

Just Stop Crying

06.19.19 | Terese Main | Comments[4]

It's been a season of loss for me.  So many little things, piling up.  The end of homeschooling.  My mom visiting and then going home, four states away.  The anniversary of my embolism, which caused a flood of survivor's...

Nick's Picks: Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Burgers

06.12.19 | Nick Finlayson |

Spicy and Smokey, this burger will kick up your cook out to another level!

Audrey's Desserts First: Two Minute Hawaiian Pie

06.05.19 | Audrey Smith |

Two Minutes to Prepare? It won't last that long on the dinner table!

Nick's Picks: Ham and Tortellini

05.29.19 | Nick Finlayson |

One skillet, many happy family members! Whip up this easy-peasy dinner for your family!

Nick's Picks: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajita

05.22.19 | Nick Finlayson |

One pan, less dishes, less time, more time to eat!

Nick's Picks: Chili Dog Tater Tot Casserole

05.15.19 | Nick Finlayson |

This may be a new family favorite. The best part? Everyone can help!

Nick's Picks: One Pan Cajun Chicken Pasta

05.08.19 | Nick Finlayson |

Get the family in the kitchen this Mother's Day and whip up dinner!

Audrey's Desserts First: Milk Chocolate Cheesecake

05.01.19 | Audrey Smith |

Ingredients16 Oreo sandwich cookies, broken into rough pieces1 tablespoon sugar plus 1/2 cup (3 1/2 ounces)2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted8 ounces milk chocolate, chopped1/3 cup heavy cream2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder1/4 teaspoon...

Nick's Picks: Roasted Vegetable Risotto

04.24.19 | Nick Finlayson | Comments[1]

Roasted veggies give this risotto a rustic and savory taste!

It's Friday...But Sunday's Coming

04.19.19 | Family Life Mornings |

Why do we call it Good Friday?  It's the day we remember the brutal death of Jesus.  But it's not Friday that we celebrate as "good."  It's what happens three days later!  S.M. Lockridge was pastor of Calvary Baptist church in...

Nick's Picks: Black Bean Enchiladas

04.17.19 | Nick Finlayson |

Just because it's vegan, doesn't mean that it can't be delicious!

Nick's Picks: Lentil Stew

04.10.19 | Nick Finlayson | Comments[1]

This sweet and savory combination won't have you asking "Where's the Beef?"

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