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LauraStoryCDLaura Story recently talked with the staff of Today's Christian Woman. In an online article Laura said " I'm learning just to submit and honor his role as God in my life. A majority of problems in my life come from me trying to play a role I was never intended to play. I try to be God in so many situations in my life—whether it's trying to control a situation, or a person, or trying to manipulate something. When I really acknowledge his place as God and my place as his child, it's a really freeing thing for me."

Matt Redman has announced plans for a Eurpoean tour. The worship leader says he'll be traveling across Europe in October. Stops include the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Paris, Holland, and the UK.

Amy Grant and Kirk Franklin will host the 44th Annual GMA Dove Awards. The awards are Tuesday, October 15 but will be broadcast on Monday, October 21st at 8pm on the UP network.

Congratulations to Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Shaun Tomczak.  His wife, Michelle is pregnant with their second child and it’s a girl!

How long would you stand in line for an iPhone? Brandon Heath tweeted a picture after four hours saying that he was almost to the front of the line.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Hungry and without a fork, Meredith Andrews ate a salad with her fingers.

Jonny Diaz has lost quite a bit of weight and he has his wife to thank. He's been going to his wife's fitness class at 6AM each morning and he has dropped 35 pounds.

Keep Moriah Peters in your prayers.  While on tour with the Newsboys last Friday Moriah went to a hospital feeling weak, dizzy and nauseous. The doctors have run many tests with no diagnosis.  They guess it’s some sort of virus she may have gotten from her recent travels in South America.

Good news from for King and Country. The band announced this week that Luke is back performing after a 10 week hiatus due to a digestive disorder. They say they believe Luke is on his way to a full recovery.

Mark Schultz had a bad veggie experience.  After eating a vegetable tray from Starbucks at the Dallas Airport, he said “Eating raw broccoli is like chewing fresh lawn clippings.”  Yum.


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