Family Life Music News 9/23/13

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CaugustKeep Chris August in prayer.  He lost his grandmother over the weekend.  Read his very touching blog post on what she meant to his faith when you click here.


You’ll be seeing Josh Wilson on an upcoming episode of Duck Dynasty.  He recently hung out in the crew while they were filming in Texas.

Jeremy Camp will need to be careful when dealing with his wife, Adie and their daughters. All three have gotten involved in martial arts training.  The girls got their blue belts last week.

Brandon Heath is back from his trip to Honduras. He was helping to deliver footwear with Shoes for Orphans. Brandon tweeted a picture of a little boy he met on the trip and said he almost snuck him back in his luggage.

Sanctus Real lead singer Matt Hammitt saw into the marriage of Francesca Battistelli on a recent tour stop.  Watching form back stage, he said he saw her look at her hubby Matt, playing drums, and mouth the words "I like your hat."

When did Amy Grant know she wanted to be a singer?  Well, the legend says she actually wanted to be a song writer.  Singing was just a bonus.

What was your first job?  Recently on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts revealed he used to be a school bus driver.  Tenth Avenue North bass player Ruben Juarez used to work at a vacuum salesman.


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