Family Life Music News 7/27/14

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Jason Gray got a text from his son that he was hungry at work the other day. His son is a barista, so Jason went through the drive thru, picked up a coffee, and dropped off a couple tubes of Pringles.

This summer, “Do Something.” Matthew West is encouraging his fans to volunteer in your community. Post a video of your experience online with the hashtag “do something summer.”

Worship leader Christy Nockels has made her own lipstick. It contains crayons and coconut oil, making it 100% non-toxic.

Sometimes you need a little more than coffee to get going in the morning. Francesca Basttistelli has a slow start recently and followed up two cups of joe with a B Vitamin and an energy drink. Finally, her get up and go, got up and got going.

American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler has fond thoughts of her time on the show with Mandisa. In a Rolling Stone interview, she listed Mandisa as one of the eleven people who changed her life.

The Newsboys are going on tour with 7eventh Time Down this fall. They want to know what you want on the set list. Visit their Facebook and Twitter pages to chime in.



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