Family Life Music News 6/11/14

06.11.14 | Terese Main | Comments[0]

Matthew West had a peer in the audience recently. He said having Mark Hall from Casting Crowns at his show was like a preschooler finger painting in front of Picasso.

Congrats to Tenth Avenue North guitarist Jeff Owen. He has a new daughter, Penny.

Kevin Max has left Audio Adrenaline. The band has a new lead singer—Josh Engler from Abandon.

An update on Phil Wickham’s voice. Doctors have said his vocal chords are healed. He’s headed into rehab for a few months.

Jamie Grace has ADHD and often finds herself listening to two songs at once…because she can’t pick just one.

It’s a busy summer for Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. Besides touring, he will be heading out to the missions field with his youth group.


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