Family Life Music News 5/19/14

05.19.14 | Terese Main | Comments[0]

You gotta start somewhere…and for the husband and wife duo Love and the Outcome, it was a VW Jetta. They drove across Canada, playing for anyone who would listen.

Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall is getting healthy. He recently dropped 30-pounds.

Rebecca St. James’ Southern California home was spared during the recent wildfires. The flames came within three feet of her back fence, before a change in wind spared them.

You never have to worry about Jamie Grace taking from your chocolate stash. She says no matter how much she tries to like it, she just can’t stand it.

The new Museum CD features the talents of another band. The cover art was designed by Nick Departee from Kutless.

There are still good people in the world. Ellie Holcomb found that out when she lost her laptop in the Austin airport…and it was returned.


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