Family Life Music News 3/3/14

03.03.14 | Terese Main | Comments[0]

Matthew West is soaking is as much spring has he can. He was spotted at the first Spring Training game for the Kansas City Royals.

What proud parents Jeremy and Adie Camp must be. Their daughter’s grew their hair and donated more than 20 inches. Their new do’s…adorable.

Matt Redman is heading back to Dublin, Ireland on tour. He says it’s one of his favorite places because it’s where his wife, Beth, accepted his marriage proposal.

Holly Starr is working with Bob Lenz on the Save the Storks campaign. It encourages girls to seek abortion alternatives. Some dates are in Pennsylvania. Visit

Sidewalk Prophets guitarist Ben McDonald has high hopes for this summer. He’s currently taking some mountain climbing training, preparing for a trip up Mount Rainier.

Jamie Grace likes some weird food combos. Some of her faves: PB&J sandwiches with Doritos inside, ketchup on fish and carrots with peanut butter.


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