Family Life Music News 3/23/14

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Congratulations to Laura Story.  She's expecting!  This time it's a double blessing.  Josie will become big sister to twins.

Do you ever go shopping online and buy something you don’t need? It happened to Colton Dixon. He found a great deal on a violin…he doesn’t know how to play.

Kevin Max is the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline. So what’s he doing in Hollywood. He has a role in the upcoming moving, “As Dreamers Do.” It tells the early life of Walt Disney and should be in theaters in May.

Paul Baloche got a reminder of how precious life is. Earlier this month he was on that same Malaysia air flight that disappeared. He says “Live everyday like it’s your last…love God…love people.”

You’ve probably heard “Write Your Story” on Family Life. Francesca Battistelli says she wrote the song because she wants to be a vessel for God, to write any story He wants to.

Through sleet, snow and the dead of night, the show must go on. Actually, it was just some rain at a Building 429 show. They crew shut down power, but the audience stayed, so the band did to…and played an acoustic show.

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas, for Aaron Shust. He’s been in the studio, working on a new holiday CD that will be in stores later this year.


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