Family Life Music News 3/11/14

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Sanctus RealDo you keep in touch with your high school friends? Sanctus Real members Matt Hammitt and Chris have been friends since they were high school juniors.


In the midst of chemo treatment, Darlene Zschech is keeping positive. She has started losing her hair and is having fun trying new wigs.

Jeremy Camp’s ankle…you might have seen the pic on the Family Life Facebook page. It’s not broken! It is a sever strain that will take four to six weeks to heal.

Michael W. Smith has a new CD of hymns out. And you can enjoy some corn muffins at the same time. It’s only available at Cracker Barrel. It’s his first hymn CD.

A movie about Rich Mullins hits theaters this summer. The Ragamuffin is set to premier May 2nd.

If you watch NBC TV, you’ve probably heard some music from The Afters. Their song, “Moments Like This” is being features in network promos. It was also used on American Idol.


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