Family Life Music News 2/24/14

02.24.14 | Terese Main | Comments[0]

Congratulations to new mom, Rebecca St. James. She gave birth to a girl. Gemma Elena.  What a cutie!

Meanwhile, Mark Schultz and is wife are expecting their second child. Their son Ryan has a lofty name suggestion: "helicopter."


Matthew West is looking for your story! He’s getting ready to start writing for his next CD. Go to if you have an experience that would make as great song.

The Sidewalk Prophets are trying to fix their bus. They’ve raised $3,000 so far. The bill from January repairs is $17,000.

Class artist Carman is cancer free. His last dose of chemo in January was really hard, but he’s recovering faster than expected and is talking about touring again.

Have you heard Jeremy Camp’s new song "Come Alive" on Family Life? He got the idea for the tune walking around Times Square, watching thousands of people dead in their sin.

Michael W. Smith is wrapping up production for his latest CD, “Sovereign.” This will be his first all studio worship album. It’s set to come out May 13th.


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