Family Life Music News 12/2/13

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Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman have been cheering their daughter on.  Stevey Joy took first place in her first ever optional meet in all around level 7 gymnastics. You can watch her performance on the bars and beam when you click here.



Mandisa says the members of Tobymac's Hits Deep tour had an interesting weekend in Iowa. They took a break from the tour and spent some time racing go carts instead. Mandisa tweeted that she came in last place AND ripped her pants! All in all, Mandisa said: "A pretty eventful day...and we haven't even started the concert yet!"

Tai Anderson says there is hope for humanity. The Third Day guitarist said a fan purchased a CD at one of their recent concerts and had accidentally picked up two CDs.  They sent a letter and the money to pay for the second CD.

Selah's Todd Smith says they've started a new Christmas tradition in their family. He and his wife have started letting their girls have a small Christmas tree in their rooms. Todd said it's interesting to see the contrast in his four daughter's decorating styles.  Join Selah for two nights of dinner concerts in Bath, NY. Log on to


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