Family Life Music News 11/26/13

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Mandisa now has her own clothing line. “Simply Mandisa” includes tops, accessories, and exercise clothes. Check them out at





Francesca Battistelli needs some help organizing her closets. Jaime Jamgochian volunteered. It seems keeping things in order is her strong suit.

Matt Redman says his song “Your Grace Finds Me” is an attempt to sing about the wide and wonderful spectrum of God’s grace. “It’s there both in the mundane and on the mountain top.”

Matt Maher might just win Dad of the Year! He tweeted: “Just used duct tape to keep my boys pajamas and diaper on. First time for everything.”

We told you about Hawk Nelson band member Daniel, who had two tumors in his knee. He’s had surgery and is resting. The band is asking fans to pray for a speedy recovery so he can get back on the road with the group.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Amy Grant says cheese grits and her sister's carrot soufflé rank high on her list of favorite holiday foods.

Brandon Heath has a firm rule against Christmas music before Thanksgiving. He’s gotten more than 700 people to sign his official petition. Ironically, his “Christmas Is Here” CD is on sale now, before Thanksgiving.


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