Family Life Artist News 5/27/13

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TobyViewDiverse City Bday:  tobyMac performed on The View for Elisabeth’s birthday on Friday, 5/24.  You can check out the video here.


Beats a Family Road Trip:  Colton Dixon just finished up the Miracle Tour with Third Day and Josh Wilson.  He celebrated by taking a cruise, with his family.  They haven’t had a vacation together since his American Idol success.

Say What:  Mark Hall from Casting Crowns sums up what it means to be a songwriter.  Check out his terrific tweet:  @markhallCC: Song Writing: The art of saying something everyone is thinking in a way that they've never said it before.

Linking Up for a Cause:  The Tenth Avenue North Classic  celebrity golf tournament  is August 12th in North Carolina.  Besides the namesake band, NeedtoBreath, tobyMac and other celebrities are teeing off.  Proceeds support Christ centered ministries. For $5 you can enter to win your way into the event.  Click here to find out more.


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