Box of Grace

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This Wednesday, I have the honor of speaking at the Family Life Ladies' Luncheon and Craft Bazaar. I spoke there two years back on the Box of Grace. I've had some folks ask me to repost my talk. If you don't have tickets for this year's event, please call 800-927-9083 and get them today. I'll be speaking on the Gift of Peace, as the Lord leads.

The Box of Grace

Grace…Here’s an acronym you can use to help you remember. G-God’s R-Riches A-at C-Christ’s E=Expense. It is a gift we cannot earn…and can never pay back.

Our gift to the Lord is the grace we have towards each other. When we know Jesus, we should give unmerited forgiveness, just like He gave us. That means someone sins against you…and you get to forgive it. Right away. Do they deserve it? No. Should they pay for their sin? Yes. Should you forgive them? Yes. Are you allowed to talk it over with your girlfriends first? No, ladies, you are not. It’s a hard challenge. That’s why I present to you a miracle product that will make giving of grace on a human level more easy than you’ve ever experienced. Lades, today, I give you the Box of Grace!

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re at work. And a co-worker takes the last bagel. When she realizes you wanted it, she says, “Oh, I’m sorry…I guess I could have shared with you, but I’m really hungry.” What do you do? Punch her in the cream cheese and lox? No! You open the Box of Grace, put her infraction inside, and put the lid on it. And leave it there. While you take a deep breath, call upon your Holy Father to see her as He sees here. As a sinner. Who can only be saved by GRACE.

The Box of Grace comes in two convenient sizes. There’s the itty bitty Sunday Morning size. This is ideal for taking to church. After all, you’ve got your Bible, snack for Sunday School, and that pie plate you’ve been meaning to return to the pastor's wife. You can’t really be carrying around a big Box of Grace. Besides, Sunday Mornings, we’re so quick to forgive, who needs more than this size box of grace? It’s convenient and discreet. Nobody even has to know you’re carrying it. When, in the dead of winter, the person who pushes past you in the lobby, takes the last hanger in the coat room, you say “No worries. I’ll just carry my coat with me. The auditorium might be chilly.” All with your sweet Christian woman smile on. This size comes with a warning though: For Sunday Morning Use Only. May Cause Caustic Overflow When Used Any Other Time.

That’s why once you get home from church, you should switch to the Deacon Wife-sized Box of Grace. This one is equipped to handle those larger infractions. You know, the family has come home from church, you’ve made lunch and before you realize it, they’re all gone from the kitchen. You wonder for a second if Rapture has come, and you missed it, but you take a deep breath as you clear the table. After all, you are a Proverbs 31 Woman. Just as you finish the dishes, and think about how much you’d like a nap, you hear the sound of snoring coming from the couch, barely audible above the sounds of the football game. You say a quick prayer for your husband, as you gently pry the remote from his hands, thinking “if he can nap, I shouldn’t feel guilty about watching a little HGTV.” Just as you change the channel, he sits straight up and says “HEY! I was watching that.” Yes, ladies, you will be glad, at this moment, that you have the Decon Wife-sized Box of Grace. Refrain from saying what your carnal mind is thinking, and take all those bad emotions and pack them inside. Put on a gracious smile and say “Of course, dear. I was just going to put fresh batteries in the remote.”

But wait, there’s more. In today’s special Ladies Luncheon Special, you can double your offer. That’s two Sunday Morning Sized, and two Deacib Wife-sized Boxes of Grace. For the high price of John 3:16. You can keep on in your car, just in case someone cuts in front of you in traffic, and then starts going REALLY slow. Take one on vacation, for all the friendly people you’re sure to encounter along the way. Use it with your family, your friends, and most importantly, with complete strangers. It is those people who will truly notice how Grace from God makes you different than the rest of the world.


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