Blogs by Month: 4 2014

Family Life Music News 4/28/14

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If you pick up Time Magazine, you’ll find an article written by MercyMe singer, Bart Millard. It’s called “Dear Religion, I Quit You!” Read it here: James Mead, from Kutless ...

Family Life Music News 4/21/14

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Your Easter table was probably filled with family recipes. Jason Gray got home for the holiday and sat down with a bowl of his mom’s homemade tapioca pudding. Third Day singer Mac Powell just made his acting debut. He has a part in ...

Family Life Music News 4/8/14

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Don’t you just love good mail days? It happened for Matthew West. He checked the mailbox and found his American Music Award for Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist. Casting Crowns tries to keep their touring schedule open Sunday ...