Daily Lineup

Family Life Announcers

Family Life Mornings

Wake up to Family Life mornings with Steve and Randy weekdays from 6:00am to 9:00am for great music, fun and encouragement. Sarah Harnisch has the latest news and meteorologist Kevin Williams will help you plan your wardrobe with his forecast.

Whether it's the Monday Morning Mindbender, Got a minute, Nick's picks you can fix, or Plugged In Movie Review you'll have three friends to help start your day with a smile with Family Life Mornings.

Mid-Days with Terese Main

Whether you’re listening at work, at home, or in your car, Family Life wants to motivate and inspire you.  Starting at 9:00 am, join Terese Main for an encouraging mix of music, programming and fun. She'll share her optimistic perspective on life, through the path the Lord lays before her.

But wait!  There's more!  After the morning lineup, Terese brings you to the Noon Report and then encouraging teaching from Chip Ingram, Focus on the Family and James MacDonald.

Afternoons with Sonny Delfyette

Spend time with Sonny Delfyette from 3pm to 7pm. Sonny will encourage you, keep you in the loop, and inform your day-to-day with topics and issues that matter to Christians. You’ll even hear book reviews and interviews from the latest Christian authors. The show includes a nice range of contemporary Christian music from artists like Natalie Grant, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, and Casting Crowns.

The Family Hour

Hear one adventure after another every weeknight at 7:00 – it’s the Family Hour – fun for your entire family. You’ll hear everyone’s favorite - Adventures in Odyssey, plus great programs like Jonathon Park, Lamplighter Theater, Down Gilead Lane, The Pond, and Paws & Tales. And you never know what kind of fun is in store when Phil the Radio gets cranked up! It’s an hour of entertaining programs that teach Biblical lessons in a way kids can understand and parents will enjoy. And let’s face it - it's also a really neat way to spend time together.


Evenings with Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson bring a unique look to life, always with a spiritual twist.  Join him from  9pm-midnight each weeknight: Vertical music linked with some vertical talk.  Whether it's a challenge to live what we say we believe, words of encouragement to "finish the race", or a "faith thought" to ponder -- it's all about Jesus.  Gary invites you end the day with him, growing together in Him!

Overnights with Justin Dix

The music doesn’t end at midnight.  Family Life invites you to stay up with Justin Dix -- he likes the company.  So whether you’re working the overnight shift and need an extra boost, or are having trouble sleeping and need some reassurance, Family Life is up when you're up.