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Steve Smith / Morning Announcer | email

A native of the Keystone State, Steve spent his younger years in suburban Philadelphia. Leaving home for the first time, Steve went off to college and graduated with a degree in Communications from Ohio University. His first job out of college was with WCLT in Newark, Ohio, where he worked as an account executive and did play-by-play announcing for high school games.

Steve's radio career has taken him to Connecticut, North Carolina and Oklahoma, where he spent 19 years as a morning show host in Tulsa with former AC station KBEZ 92.9FM, now BOB-FM. Once in Oklahoma, Steve's life changed in many ways. For one, he turned life over to Christ on January 15, 1988—his very first day in Tulsa. That's a pretty important change!

Later on, Steve reconnected with his 8th grade sweetheart, Audrey. Imagine dating your 8th grade sweetheart again in your early thirties. God willing, it worked, and Steve and Audrey married in June of 1989. They have two children—Laura and Will. (yes... Will Smith).

Steve has been with Family Life since July 2011. He and his wife, Audrey (Audrey's Desserts First on Nick Picks), love working under the same roof together. A few of Steve's favorite things are: his family, his Philadelphia sports teams, and most of all—his God.

Randy Snavely / Morning Announcer | email

Before coming to Family Life, Randy worked in Kansas City with Youth for Christ.  He spent six years there - a very exciting and rewarding time since many lives were changed by Christ.  Randy was eventually led to Family Life by God's hand in his life.  It's an exciting story too long to write out here.  So if you see Randy, grab a seat and ask him about it. 

Golf is near the top of Randy's fun-things-to-do list.  He also plays fantasy baseball, enjoys watching his kids compete in school sports, speaks at churches and other events, and loves spending time with his family.  Adam, Drew, Luke and Olivia are all into soccer and swimming.  Randy's wife, Krisitina, and the rest of the family live in Bath, NY.

Terese Main / Assistant Program Director, Music Director, Mid-Day Announcer | email

God wastes nothing. So never take any chance meeting as just a coincidence. Terese met Family Life President Rick Snavely backstage at a concert one night and didn’t think very much of it. As time went on, her heart softened to the possibility of joining the ministry. The Lord increased that desire to the point where she could think of nothing she wanted to do more!

You can hear Terese at-work, from 9am to 3pm. She also hosts the Lunch Break, where you get all the news, learning and encouragement you need to make it through the rest of your day. She shares her optimistic perspective on life, through the path the Lord lays before her.

Before joining Family Life, Terese spent nine years on the air at WARM 101.3 in Rochester, NY, where she was Program Director as well. Her voice is also heard on 95.1 Shine FM, a Christian radio station in Baltimore, MD. Having grown up in Dryden, NY, attended Ithaca College and then moved to Rochester, Terese has spent her whole life in the Family Life listening area. She’s come to appreciate the beauty and wonder of this part of the country.

Terese accepted Jesus as her savior during High School, but walked away from Him during her 20’s. During that time, she met and married Scott, never having talked about her faith. A few years later, the topic came up and both shared the stories of their salvation, and started attending church, as they put Christ as the forefront of their lives. How good God is to have saved these two for each other! They are blessed with daughters Emily and Ashley.

Sonny Delfyette / Afternoon Announcer | email

With an encouraging song, an encouraging word, and a chuckle or three ... every afternoon is "Sonny-er" on Family Life's radio network.  In addition to hearing him on your drive home, Sonny also mans the Sports Desk alongside Randy Snavely to report the latest national and regional sports news.

Sonny comes to Family Life with over 30 years of radio experience.  He has worked in Baltimore, Kansas City, Virginia Beach, Detroit, West Palm Beach and most recently on a nationally syndicated show based out of Los Angeles, California.  Wow - Sonny had finally hit the big time ... or had he?

While living in Los Angeles, two disasters (the Chatsworth fires and the Chatsworth train-wreck) both happened less than three miles from his house.   It was as if the Lord was trying to get his attention.  Sonny prayed, "Lord, if you don't want me here, take me away."  Sonny clearly heard God ask, "Are you sure?"  Sonny's eyes quickly filled with tears as he replied, "Yes, as long as I know it's you, Lord."  That same week Rick Snavely sent Sonny an email saying he had a job and a home for Sonny at Family Life.  Less than a week later, and knowing exactly where he was heading, Sonny's fun-in-the-sun was over.  Hello Family Life Network and snowy Bath, NY!

Sonny is a proud husband to Nicole.  The couple has a daughter, Simone, and share a happy home with a rescued German Shepherd named Mimi.  Sonny's hobbies include rooting on his Pittsburgh Steelers and West Virginia Mountaineers.  Oh, and playing an occasional video game or two.  Some guys never grow up - that's our Sonny!

Justin Dix / Overnight Announcer | email

Every Sunday morning, Justin seeks to redirect thoughts from crying children, bleary eyes, and what to wear -- to the God of
Creation:  His goodness, greatness, and unconditional love.  Justin also can be heard every weekday after Midnight.  So when the baby makes demands at 3:00 am or when it's time to roll out of bed for a third shift, Justin is there with positive music and programs.

The perfect formula for peace and fulfillment is found in God's Will.  For Justin, that led to working in Christian radio and teaching college students how they could do the same.  It was a dream situation -- until one day the Lord began loosening the roots he'd put down in the Midwest.  Ron Hutchcraft likened it to a mother eagle "stirring the nest" preparing the eaglets to fly.  It was clear that God was calling Justin elsewhere to serve.  After praying and seeking direction, a phone call came from Family Life.  Rick talked of a vision:  of not just one station, but of building a network of stations that would minister and encourage. 

For fun, Justin reads books, collects old radios, and listens to podcasts.  He also dreams of restoring a 1939 Firestone radio and riding a train across the country.  However, his greatest treasure apart from following Christ, is growing together with his wonderful wife, Diane... and watching God unwrap the adventure that lies ahead!

Natalie Thomas / Production Assistant | email

Natalie helps the radio network with copy writing, voice work, production, and hosts the Family Hour.  The best part about her job is waking up excited to go to work in morning.  Natalie thinks outside the box, and other days, won’t even go near it.  As a kid, she dreamed about being a narrator, a cartoon voice, a Muppet, or any fun creation that added to the “theater of the mind.”  Perhaps that’s why she’s described as a “real character” - several of them, actually – by those who know her best.

Natalie left mainstream radio after being in the industry for over fourteen years.  It was then she began using her talents for Christ.  In 2003, God orchestrated a series of events that led her to Tupelo Mississippi where she took a job at American Family Radio Network.  That’s where she met her husband, Ed – the man Natalie had been praying for.

Natalie later went in search of other job options with more evangelical opportunities.   After many calls and interviews, Family Life hired Natalie – a perfect fit! 

Natalie also does outside voice work for radio, television, and the “on-hold” marketing world.  ("Your call is important to us.  Please remain on the line and one of our service representatives will be right with you.  Para instrucciones en español, la marca dos...")

Dave Margalotti / Director of Radio Operations | email

Dave caught the radio bug as a kid growing up in New Jersey. It started when Dave got his first small transistor radio. Instead of sleeping when his parents sent him to bed, he would lie awake for hours in the dark listening to music and the voices of his favorite announcers.

By the time Dave was a teenager he had decided that he wanted to be one of those voices. So at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, Dave majored in Communications and landed his first job behind the microphone at the college radio station, WMCR 91.9 FM.

After graduation, Dave began his professional radio career working Sunday mornings for WHVW 950 AM in Hyde Park, NY. That position later lead to a full-time position as Mid-Day Host and eventually Dave’s first experience as a Program Director. Following a move back to NJ, Dave joined WSUS 102.3 FM where he worked for nearly 9 years. Before coming to Family Life, Dave spent nearly 16 years as the Program Director and Operations Manager for WVNJ 1160 AM in the New York City area.

Dave and his wife Patty have raised 6 children: Lexi, Chelsea, Max, Sam, Johnna, and Harry. While they were both raised in the Catholic Church, Dave and Patty came to know and love the Lord after enrolling their children in Sunday school at a local Presbyterian Church. It was at that church where Dave's family was moved by the Holy Spirit to become new members and active Christians.

Matt Jackson / Production Assistant | email

Matt works primarily in the radio department as a creative consultant and audio producer. He writes scripts for radio commercials and also writes and produces Kid's Korner. He enjoys using his love for comedy, storytelling, acting, and other forms of art to bring glory to God and to display His truths.

Matt first started writing scripts for a puppet ministry when he was still in high school. He went on to write skits for his church and as he waited on the Lord for guidance in his life, he developed a passion for film making. God opened doors for him to study cinematography in college and while there, he was introduced to the world of audio production. It seems that in order to graduate with a degree in film, a student needs to be fluent in audio design. Hmmm... It was an interesting path, but Matt soon found himself with an internship at Family Life, which soon turned into a job where he could serve God with his talents.

He's really excited about seeing what God is going to do next in his life. With God writing your script, you know you're in for an awesome adventure! Matt enjoys playing team sports, drawing, camping, biking, swimming, ballroom dancing, acting, singing, strategy games, filming, exploring old buildings, Nerf wars, discussing theology, demo derbies, and of course.... watching movies. (Was that too much?)

Trudi Cook / Radio Assistant | email

Family Life's radio staff wouldn’t survive long without Trudi, our Jill-of-all-trades. She takes radio questions from listeners, coordinates programs and contests, writes book reviews, and helps organize events and conferences. But above all, Trudi makes sure Rick, our president, has what he needs. She’s also the lady to visit if you need Tylenol!

Previously, Trudi worked as a secretary for an assortment of small business in the Philadelphia area. While in Philly, changes in Trudi’s personal life coincided with God's call to relocate to New York to be closer to her family. Going on faith, she moved to New York, trusting that God would provide a job... and He did!

At that point, Trudi has been an avid listener of Christian radio for many years, so when the Lord opened the door to work at Family Life, she knew the Lord was in it. She marvels at how her experience gleaned from past jobs was just the training she needed to meet the needs of her diverse position at Family Life.

Trudi loves animals and shares her home with her two kitties, Muppet and Journey. She also enjoys crafting, sewing, and helping with Awana at church.

Gary Thompson / Weekend Announcer

Gary is originally from the great state of Oklahoma. His father was a pastor most of Gary's life. Consequently, Gary was in church every time the doors were open. After surrendering his life to Christ at 17, Gary felt the call to ministry. One week before high school graduation, he was hired by a local Christian radio station to man the controls overnight - a dream come true! Over 20 years later, God's faithfulness continues, and working with the Family Life team is part of that faithfulness.

Gary and his wife, Amy, have two girls, one boy, two dogs and a cat. Surprisingly, the animals leave less of a mess than the kids some days! Gary says, "It's a pleasure to be a part of the team at Family Life. The listeners are fantastic and the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing is such an honor."

Matt Stockman / Weekend Announcer

Matt is a part-time announcer for Family Life. He came to know Jesus in the early 90s after trying to “do life” on his own terms for way too long. One Sunday morning, God caught his attention through a sermon at Concord Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN.

Just a few weeks after accepting Christ, the Lord opened the door for Matt to work for a Christian radio station in Tennessee. Being a new Christian, and new to Christian radio, Matt wasn’t very familiar with the artists or the songs. His first week on the job, Matt chuckles, “I’d call my boss at home several times a night to ask how to pronounce the names.” Now having been in Christian radio for many years, that doesn’t happen anymore!

The Stockman family loves serving in ministry together. They live out in the country with their horse, Candy, their chickens, and a friendly Newfoundland named Beau. Matt, his wife, Juanita, and four of their five children - Chase, Channing, Mattie, Cole and Macie - most recently served on the mission field in Barcelona, Spain. They also enjoy working with young worship leaders and Christian broadcasters from around the world, helping to teach leadership skills and excellence in radio.