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The Flavor of the Month...Week...ok, Day

10.17.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[8]

Well, did anyone see this one coming?  Rick Perry, the latest shining star in a rapidly shifting constellation of Republican contenders has his own Jeremiah Wright.  You remember Jeremiah Wright - the outspoken Chicago pastor whose ...

"What A Wonderful World"

09.22.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[14]

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are or what style of music you enjoy, the odds are you recognize those lyrics and can probably hum the melody too. And even though it’s been cut by dozens of artists through the years, the iconic version ...

Bucket Lists, Betty White & The Buffalo Bills

09.02.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[11]

Random Thoughts and Observations on the Journey of Life

Providing...through Pennies

08.30.11 | Terese Main | Comments[1]

It started innocently enough.  There is a crystal bowl we received as a wedding gift.  I never know what to do with things like that.  "What's its purpose?" I thought.  So it became a collection spot, for coins and small ...

The Treasure

08.11.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[9]

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”  2 Corinthians 4:7 In the first third of the twentieth century, William Randolph Hearst was a media baron and one of ...

It's Sad

07.22.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[11]

It’s sad.  It’s sad when people you’ve known for years as faithful followers of Christ decide it’s over.  They’re done.  Often in middle age, they decide that all that stuff their parents taught them, ...

The Soundtrack of Your Life

07.11.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[0]

'The King's Speech' was one of the most critically acclaimed films of the last year, winning numerous international awards including four Academy statues. It owes its success to the strength of its individual parts and the masterful way they ...

We Are Not Who We Say We Are

06.19.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[6]

Well, here’s the good news.  92% of Americans say they believe in God, according to a new Gallup poll.  Wow!  Really?  As of today (June 19) that would be 286,648,231 people.  Hmmm…seems like things would be ...

Observing the Passing Scene

06.06.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[6]

A few random thoughts... Made it past that whole Harold Camping ‘end of the world’ thing – I picked a good week to go amillenial. If you’re into politics (as I am) you’ve noticed that things are getting more ...


05.17.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[3]

Pure as the driven snow, pure like a summer rain Pure as the sunlight that falls from heaven to my face, Pure like the morning dew that touches the earth Father I will live pure. ______________________________________________ “And it ...