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Kingdom Bound  Podcasts

Kingdom Bound 2012: Backstage with Hyland

The Minnesota-based band Hyland has a new CD coming out 10/9. Jon and Ben chat with Family Life before their performance on the Edge Stage.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Enemy Opposition

The BMX and skateboarding demo ministry, Enemy Opposition has moved operations from Buffalo, NY to Nashville, TN over the past year. Still favorites to Kingdom Bound, the guys stopped by to share how God is using their tricks...and their tattoos to minister.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Bigger and Better

Three audience participants were selected early in the day Tuesday, and given a CD. Their mission: to trade that CD among the campers at Kingdom Bound. Listen to hear the treasures each brought back: from a new folding chair, to a mini vac and the best of all...God's Word! They were rewarded ...

Kingdom Bound 2012: Nick's Picks - High End Hot Dog

Some Kingdom Bound campers this year had accommodations with air conditioning and other comfort amenities. For those who enjoy "glamping," Nick Finlayson takes the hot dog high end.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Brothers McClurg

Before their performance on the PAC Stage, Anthony and Chris from Brothers McClurg stopped by to talk about their new full-length CD.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Everyone Matters E1M

So many families with special needs children struggle just to make it to church. That's one contributing factor as to why 80% end up in separation. Everyone Matters is a group that works with churches to develop programs to accommodate these families. Sue Spiesz shares how the organization got ...

Kingdom Bound 2012: Carol McLeod

In her book, "Holy Estrogen," Carol McLeod outlines which emotions are best to have when and how to make sure they are bringing glory to God. She chats with Steve, Rachelle and Randy about all things girlie.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Nick's Picks - Grilled Peaches

How do you turn an average peach into a stunning summertime delight? Grill it! We're grillin' and chillin' with Family Life Chef, Nick Finlayson. Find out how to make grilled peaches, topped with cinnamon butter. Yum!

Kingdom Bound 2012: What Food is in the Bag?

One of our favorite things to do at Kingdom Bound is make unsuspecting guests stick their hands in bags of unidentified food. Join us for the latest episode of "Guess What Food is in the Bag!"

Kingdom Bound 2011: Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole has come to know success in the Christian world, as well as having her songs connected to secular TV shows. Through it all, she maintains a Christ-focused life and excitement for doing His work.


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