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Kingdom Bound  Podcasts

Kingdom Bound 2013: Audio Adrenaline

With a new album and a heart for Haiti, Kevin Max and Jared Byers from Audio Adrenaline talk with Terese Main about their passion. They also share the remarkable story behind their music video for "Believer" which features a championship surfer, who is completely blind.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Justin Lookadoo

Justin Lookadoo joined Steve Rachelle and Randy to talk about everything from teens and bullying to his amazing wedding proposal. Learn more about his ministry at

Kingdom Bound 2013: Kingdom Bound Krunch

Our Family Life Chef, Nick Finlayson is taking Nick's Picks You Can Fix on the road to Kingdom Bound. He started out the week with a nutty, sweet, high-octane ice cream concoction: Kingdom Bound Krunch.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Donna Russo

Kingdom Bound Executive Director, Donna Russo joins Steve, Rachelle and Randy to share the heart behind the organization. Besides the annual festival, Kingdom Bound produces concerts throughout the year and provides school supplies for Buffalo-area classrooms.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Matthew West

Besides being a songwriter and performer, Matthew West is a husband and a dad. A recent family decision has his family of four hitting the road. They're serving together, and having some pretty amazing family field trips.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Benji & Jenna

Buffalo-area worship leaders, Benji & Jenna Cowart join us to talk about the well-building initiative they work with, Let Them LOL. They also blessed us with an early morning song, giving glory to God.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Nick's Picks - Chocolate Fondue

Something simple, like a S'more, becomes a high end treat when our chef, Nick Finlayson gets involved. Here's how to take the marshmallow, chocolate graham concoction to the next level.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Hot Chocolate with God 2

Due to the huge popularity of Hot Chocolate with God, Jill, Camryn and Erin Kelly wrote a sequel, due out this fall. Jill Kelly joins Family Life Mornings to talk about the kinds of things that are on tween girls' hearts and how their books encourage girls to seek God for the answers to life.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Radio Drama

Sound effects courtesy of our campers...and a giant bear...or maybe chef. You never know what's going to happen when Family Life puts on a radio drama at Kingdom Bound.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Backstage with Chris August

With a recent head injury, and a new CD scheduled to come out in a couple weeks, Chris August is a busy guy. Add to that a touring schedule and it's just exhausting. He sits down with us for a quick chat before his recent Kingdom Bound performance.


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