Got A Minute

Kingdom Bound 2013: Leftover Omelet

Family Life Chef, Nick Finlayson shares all the possibilities when it comes to using your camping leftovers to make a delicious breakfast.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Trail Mix Tuesday

A trail mix bar makes it easy for everyone to have exactly what they want while on the run. Whether you're heading into the great outdoors, or spending the day at a theme park, a baggie of trail mix keeps hunger at bay. Family Life Chef Nick Finlayson shares some ingredient ideas.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Bob Lenz & Dexter Sanders

Teaching kids to be passionate for Jesus has been the heart behind Bob Lenz's ministry. He travels the country speaking in schools, even presenting his message to students who don't know the Lord. He and pastor Dexter Sanders join Steve, Rachelle and Randy to talk about the power teens have to ...

Kingdom Bound 2013: Nick Costello

Former Rock 'n Roller Nick Costello has seen what a life lived for the world looks like. Now he speaks on the power of music in a person's life and how the right music can help you grow in your faith. He talks with Steve, Rachelle and Randy at Kingdom Bound.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Justin Lookadoo

Justin Lookadoo joined Steve Rachelle and Randy to talk about everything from teens and bullying to his amazing wedding proposal. Learn more about his ministry at

Kingdom Bound 2013: Kingdom Bound Krunch

Our Family Life Chef, Nick Finlayson is taking Nick's Picks You Can Fix on the road to Kingdom Bound. He started out the week with a nutty, sweet, high-octane ice cream concoction: Kingdom Bound Krunch.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Donna Russo

Kingdom Bound Executive Director, Donna Russo joins Steve, Rachelle and Randy to share the heart behind the organization. Besides the annual festival, Kingdom Bound produces concerts throughout the year and provides school supplies for Buffalo-area classrooms.