Got A Minute

Got A Minute- Is it really an empty box?

A 3 year old's perspective of an empty box might be different from yours.

Got A Minute-Listen, just listen!

Our job is to just listen sometimes. Not fix, just listen.

Got A Minute- God will make it Perfect

God will make up the difference. The little boy ended up, by accident, on the huge concert stage.

Got A Minute- Blessed or Blessing?

Does God want you to be rich? One Author's view.

Got A Minute- Unanswered Questions

Did you ever wonder why some of your prayers are answered and others aren't?

Got A Minute- Basic Training

Advice on how to spoil your Pity Party.

Got A Minute- A Humbling Mother's Day reminder

Sometimes, we don't know what we have until it's gone

Got A Minute- Anonymous Giving

Carol Burnett got her start in show business with the help of someone we'll never know.

Got A Minute- Making Memories

Taking time with your kids equals memories for a lifetime.

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